Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

To ensure a resurgent, undivided & undaunted India, which no longer yields to any form of economic, physical and mental colonization and creates a Dharmic Empire of true Harmony & unbound universal peace.

Our Mission:

To nurture Rural/Tribal & Urban leaderships & Entrepreneurships at local, national & international levels through intensive interactions with Rural/Tribal communities & generating innovative & applicable ideas of sustainable & interdependent living.

From the Founder’s Desk:

गाँव के युवा शहरों में नौकरी करने न जाएँ । गाँवों का अपना एक संसार बने । इसलिए हमारा प्रयास है :

– गाँवों का अपना स्वावलंबी स्वाभीमानी चरित्र बना रहे
– शहरों की उपभोक्तावादी संस्कृति उनपर हावी न हो पाये
– गाँव के विद्यालयों में ग्रामोपयोगि शिक्षा प्रदान की जाय
– माई बाप सकरकारवाद समाप्त हो

– महिलाएं पुरुषों जैसा बनाने की बजाय उन्हें अपने जैसा संवेदनशील, साहसी व् धर्मपरायण बनाये

– हर गाँव का अपना सत्यनिष्ठ नेतृत्व खड़ा हो

– गाँवो की अपनी पर्यावरणवादी अर्थव्यवस्था उपजे

-Amitabh soni


Success for a society is rooted & begins for an individual when the society revokes its role of a seller & propagandist and stops indoctrinating individuals to think & act in certain ways only.
When Governments, Private Corporations, Pressure groups, organised religions , cults realise the futility of their want for power & stop manipulating the individual by guaranteeing eternal liberty & happiness, which they themselves do not posses , a new era of free thinking & desire -less action emerges.
A society that “facilitates” the individual to reach a point in life where he /she does not bear any flag or any identity can be deemed to be successful in the true sense. A point where all residues of “influence” diminish & dissolve. Such a point can be reached when all institutions, facilitate the natural & spontaneous flow of an individual’s consciousness. A consciousness which in turn unfolds, creates & sustains learning of different forms that benefits the society & strengthens its infrastructure meant to liberate the individual otherwise caught in the crossfire of propoganda wars. An individual reaches a state, where “achievement” exists but the “achiever” does not. This is when the individual can be said to be rooted in success. Success where personal ambition & ego loose lustre. Obsessions & passions start tiring the core of the person and are replaced by perpetual & deep calmness surrounded by unbound joy.
This is the Dharmic society that Bharat evolved into over long periods of time. This is what we wish to restore & re-establish. This is the idea of Ram Rajya & not Hindu Supremacy. The ancient gurukuls, ashrams & vidyalas in essence did not indoctrinate people to believe in a certain way of life only. Even if they apparently did, those beliefs were designed & programmed to self destruct after a certain point & destroy all other baggage of beliefs which is often collected with “learning” during the journey & make way for pure consciousness to sprout & spread. This is the reason, thoughtlessness or thoughtless awareness is emphasised more than anything in different Dharmic traditions. Cultivating a sphere of “No Influence”, neither good nor bad , on the self for short, long, prolonged & finally for infinite periods of time gradually created innumerable known, less known and unknown Shankaracharyas, Buddhas, Vivekanannds, Nanaks, Mahavirs, Prataps & Shivajis.


  1. The urban and rural societies need to come together & battle Poverty, Lack of Education & Health and not wait for the govts to deliver.
  2. Replace the “Maibaap Sarkaar Raj”(Colonial) with the rule of Dharma/Justice.
  3. Raise people’s level of Consciousness to enable people to ensure govts create an environment conducive to Sustained Development & Justice.
  4. Expose youngsters to the grass roots and encourage them to get into Political/Public life & not because they have money, contacts & ambition.


Over large expanses of time India has been dotted & filled all across, with the moral virtuosity of scores of known & unknown men & women who have steered & maintained its civilizational balance. The core essence of their selflessness & the piety of their virtuosities over thousands of years is the edifice upon which India has been standing. When a common Indian, at some stage of his life, realises that he/she is bestowed with such grand dharmic virtuosity which has an impetus of about 10 thousand years, he/she starts collecting himself/herself to become one with this great confluence & flow of Dharma.
…but what is that these men & women stood for ? what does India stand for ? What is that we want to defend ? What is that we want to contribute to the world ?
The quest for truth is paramount to India’s story & journey as a civilisation. Theoretically the idea of truth can change but its quest never. The quest itself became the cause & effect of piety & order in the Indian society. India has been a laboratory for experimenting with truth & not a production unit for manufacturing it. The quest that nurtures the free will of the seeker. However, it does not disrespect or disagree with other quests or paths and seekers, contemporary or from the past. Over vast stretches of time India has become the container of this Indianness /Hinduness, which holds the very spirit for the quest of truth. Hence, India is the name of a relentless quest for truth. The truth that these men & women became researching it. Across the world, manufacturing one’s own truth in a factory & selling & pushing it like a product has not only created unhealthy competition but has given birth to wars & genocides. India’s quest for truth created a social order which evolved towards realising the futility of manufactured truths & religions, which sold themselves in exchange of people souls, turning them into murderers & terrorists; becoming the root cause of disharmony & barbarism across the world. No philosophy is preposterous just because it is contrary to yours but because the individual & social psyche it creates. Probably with this realisation evolved the concept of Dharma, which meant evolving sustainable social phenomenon that benefits both – the individual & the society. The prevalence & preference of the earnest sincere joy of connectedness amongst human beings & other forms of life over short lived euphoric benefits & pleasures created by surges of personal gain & ambition in individual & societal nuero-systems, is dharma.
In India, there are no last words, no last scriptures or last prophets. Truth remains elusive to those who try to deal with it at the cognitive level alone. Its a journey & research beyond the mind, where all labels, flags & their bearers gradually diminish & eventually cease to exist. Hence, India stands for truth & truth alone, not for a person, prophet or book. Indians/Hindus are the ones who see value in this unbiased, unlabelled quest for truth & protect & maintain the social apparatus that facilitates its realisation. This social apparatus is Bharat/India.


Creating an environment or circumstances that are conducive for the forces of nature to benefit & sustain the individual & society is a human being’s Dharma. To ensure Dharma to manifest in its full capacity and magnitude is a human being’s Dharma. Dharma is a complexly woven perpetual flow of cosmic intelligence that permeates through all living & non living beings & facilitates the interaction between two or multiple objects giving rise to a spectrum of characteristics of a specific consequence & utility.
Just think of your iPhone, Blackberry or PC or Mac, each part of theirs has specific characteristics. The interaction & synchronisation of these characteristics results in the utility these machines/gadgets have. It is this cosmic intelligence which is constantly in a state of flux, provides different objects with certain unique properties/characteristics that give meaning to their existence. Further, a meaningful synchronisation of these objects gives birth to yet another object. Eg : many parts put together produce a computer.
Most of such & other synchronisations , historically have majorly been brought about by human beings. Hence, the major role of human beings as an object is to create different combinations of other objects to fruitfully arrange the flow of cosmic intelligence amongst them with the intention of sustained benefit of the widest parts of humanity & other life forms for the longest periods of time. For example the Dharma of water is to sustain life. However, water, (as in) a river does not have the cosmic intelligence to start flowing towards drought affected areas on its own. However, it is very much in a human beings capacity & hence it is his dharma , to ensure that water reaches where there is much want of it.
Dharma is the flow & interaction of cosmic intelligence within and amongst different objects. Arranging this flow to benefit all forms of life is human/Manav dharma. Working relentlessly on objects & witnessing oneself also, as an object, the distinction between the “self” & the “other objects” diminishes and a stage comes when it becomes zero. This stage is said to be the stage of liberation. Liberation from distinction. Where the observer & the observed become one.

To sustain this profound concept & understanding it was necessary to embed it into a simple social system which today is identified as Hindutva/Indianess. It is India’s natural operating system. India’s neighbours (Pak & Bang) discarded this operating system despite a common history, heritage & ancestry.Today they are seen racing towards hell. Hindutva sustains dharma & dharma sustains Hindutva. Thats why Yudhsithrira remarked “ Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha” i.e. Dharma protects those who protect dharma & conversely those who destroy dharma, dharma destroys them. The reason why India has survived even through the darkest passages of time & so many other civilisations have perished & live in museums only. Dharma is the most powerful phenomenon in the universe, revealed to only those devoid of dreams of personal ambition, glory & greed. Be it, self or science, a sincere seeker of truth understands the complexities of dharma.
If you are an Indian, think of the sanskrit word for “Law”. Kanoon is not Sanskrit. We do not have an exact word for Law. English to Hindi dictionaries suggest “Vidhi” which again has different meanings. One of the meanings of “vidhi” that I found was’ “the physical practise of which generates righteousness (dharma)”. Our understanding of the complexities & governing dynamics of dharma has kept India a breathing & living civilisation. Beliefs & laws written in stone did serve civilisations a lot of good. Kept them focussed in whatever they believed in, maintained a socio-economic framework for them but at the same time the rigidity that reinforced these frameworks disabled them from the learning that was knocking at their doors. Their idea of what was “right” distanced them from righteousness itself.
Power can be trapped temporarily by over running the boundaries of geographies, wealth & eventually cultural propensities but can never be won or gained permanently , as the Dharmic phenomenon is always in play & creates people & networks bound by truth. Dharma destroys those who destroy dharma. Dharma is the infinite stamina of the righteous, which gives them the strength to keep braving injustice & darkness until they are destroyed. India stands for righteousness & truth & the Dharma that sustains them. This is what Indians/Hindus have been guarding with their life since time immemorial.

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