Mentoring Rural Youth

At Abhedya, we firmly believe – “Youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of tomorrow must start today”

Our tribal youth have immense talent and potential. The challenges of their early life has made them resilient, grounded and strong willed. What they lack is the right opportunity, access to opportunity and right kind of mentors.

Today, our village youngsters are pursuing law, winning marathons, running IT labs, joining armed forces, studying Sanskrit and Shastras, leaving a mark in cycling races and the list goes on. And while doing all this, they haven’t forgotten their responsibilities towards the village. Whenever possible they are out their helping, educating, inspiring…!

Abhedya’s founder Shri Amitabh Soni has a special knack of identifying talent when he sees one. Those who show promise, Abhedya helps find the right mentors, generate funds to support their abhyaas and make connections at the right levels to make available appropriate opportunities for these girls and boys.

Special thanks to Abhedya’s patrons who have always chipped in to support our initiatives in every possible way and have given wings to dreams and ambitions of our youth!

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